And my flag is flying upside down!

This government, and the one before it,
†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† and the one before it,
†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† and the one before that Ė for the last 40 years --

have all refused to borrow from our bank, the Bank of Canada (the only bank that every Canadian owns) to pay for the goods and services we all need and want.

Instead, every government weíve had for the last 40 years has borrowed at interest Ė- sometimes as much as 20% -- from domestic chartered and foreign banks Ė- all of them PRIVATE banks.The annual deficits have accumulated, and the interest charges have compounded, sending our national debt from $1,000 a person to $20,000 a person.We are paying $5 a person every day of UNNECESSARY interest!

Oh, theyíve made excuses:The Group of 7, Bank of International Settlements, NATO, International Monetary Fund, and World Bank wonít allow it.†† The economists they have hired, or sent to the Howe and Fraser Institutes, keep saying that money created by our bank interest-free would be inflationary (whereas the money created by the national and international private banks is not??).Restrictive regulations have been diluted and then removed.

From the website, www.occupyourbank.ca, I have learned from Will Abram, Ellen Brown, and Paul Hellyer that Canadaís once-governments (1940-1970) knew what to do on behalf of building a great country.These governments ordered the Bank of Canada to create the money to fund our war efforts, then Veterans benefits, a St. Lawrence Seaway, Welland Canal, TransCanada Highway, universal health care, old age pensions, and family allowances.Private banks were restricted and regulated.Inflation was not serious and the nationís debt was quite manageable.

In her presentation at the April 2012 conference of the Public Banking Institute, Victoria Grant said it all:ďIf the government wants to spend money, they should use their own bank and not have to pay interest.ĒFacebook reports that over 2 million viewers have listened to this 12 year oldís 6-minute speech.


Letís force this government to pay attention to the above and act accordingly.
Letís ensure that world-class health care is available to every one of us.
Letís ensure that pensions are adequate.
Letís ensure that children arenít living in poverty.
Letís ensure that every employable Canadian is employed.
Letís ensure that our environment is protected for future generations.

The first reaction from the government lawyers is (of course) to deny that we have a case.That hearing is to be before a judge in Toronto on December 5, 2012.

At future hearings, the government lawyers will try to convince the judge that the jurisdiction is inappropriate and that the plaintiffs donít have standing (i.e., right to represent).

Only then can the judge approve class action status for the litigation.

So that we can impress that judge with a list of Canadians who understand how important this action is to the future of our country, we need a list of such persons with their names and postal codes.

To accomplish this, please do the following:

  1. Download the form below COMER_Support.pdf
  2. Share the above message with 20 persons, and write their names and postal codes on the form.
  3. Send the completed form to:
    George Biro, Assistant Treasurer, COMER,
    603-381 Bagot Street, Kingston, ON K7K 6B7.
  4. Include a cheque for $100 made out to COMER.

Jerry Ackerman
November 18, 2012

To:Committee on Monetary and Economic Reform (Kingston Chapter)††††††††
††††††††††††† President:Richard Priestman
††††††††††† Treasurer:Hugh Jenney
††††††††††† Secretary:George Biro

Thank you for taking forward the litigation requiring my government to borrow interest-free from our publicly-owned bank, the Bank of Canada, necessary funds for all goods and services provided to the citizens of Canada.

I have examined the website, www.occupyourbank.ca, and informed myself about the vital importance of the Bank of Canada to the well-being of our country.

I have personally explained to the 20 persons listed below what I understand about the history of the Bank of Canada and its effective use during the years 1940-1970.I have told them that our Bank of Canada was the primary source of the monies needed to pay the costs of World War II; to build the St. Laurence Seaway, Welland Canal, and TransCanada Highway; and to provide for Veteran benefits, universal health care, old age pensions, and family allowances.I have informed them that these were all paid for with minimal debt to the country, and all interest accrued to the national treasury.†† I have told them that this is no longer the case and, therefore, our national debt now approaches $600 billion, composed almost entirely of interest to the private banks, costing every Canadian $5 a day of unnecessary interest.

I have told them that COMER is in the process of suing our government for not continuing to use the Bank of Canada for its intended purposes.

To show support for this suit, I am sending you a cheque for $100, representing one dayís interest for each of the following 20 Canadian citizens I have sought to educate

Name†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Postal Code††††††††††††††† Name††††††††††††††††††††††† †††††††† Postal Code

1._______________________________________________††† 2._________________________________________
3._______________________________________________††† 4._________________________________________
5._______________________________________________††† 6._________________________________________
7._______________________________________________††† 8._________________________________________
9._______________________________________________†† 10._________________________________________
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13.______________________________________________†† 14._________________________________________
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17.______________________________________________†† 18._________________________________________
19.______________________________________________†† 20._________________________________________