Letter to Joe Oliver, Finance Minister- re: The Budget

Hello, again JOE OLIVER

I’m not sure you found my April 2nd letter.
 In it , I explained why this budget won’t balance,
what with the expenditures for the ongoing war-on-the-world and the compound interest charges
on our nation’s debt.
Now I’m offering a strategy to use –one  sure to meet the approval of the PM.
I call it “jiggery-pokery”–a more polite term than deceit, trickery, fraud, hanky-panky or cooking
the books.
This strategy worked well for NORTEL on its way to representing one-third of the value of the TSE..Nortel’s accountants (“bean counters”) counted the ‘up’ beans (revenues) and ignored the ‘down’ beans (expenditures).
It appears to have worked Okay for BC’s minister as well with his latest budget.
The ON use of the strategy has involved tiny estimates of future expenditures (read Nuclear)
and sell-offs of publicly owned assets  –like Hwy 407 back in Mike Harris’ time, and Hydro One
Didn’t your predecessor do something like that with Federal Buildings?  Not nearly enough, though.
Selling control of the Canadian Wheat Board won’t be enough for you, either.
How about CAMECO buying Chalk River Nuclear ? Or selling Canada Post to Pitney-Bowes ?
Otherwise, count in ALL the tax revenues, and defer the tax credits calculations til next time.
I hope my suggestions are more useful than those of the banker-economists you consulted.
Yours, in / with confidence
Dr.Jerry Ackerman

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