Amazing Exchange-CBC’s Amanda Lang Interviews Rocco Galati

Very IMPORTANT to see this. Amanda Lang of CBC is interviewing Rocco Galati about the lawsuit against the government with regard to the Bank of Canada. The interview is very thorough and they take the time to explain what is at stake here. The Bank of Canada is designed to supply interest free loans to our government…to lose this important aspect of its role is to lose our sovereignty. This is such an important challenge…most Canadians don’t realize that ours is the only PUBLIC central bank, meant to work for all Canadians……the US, English, and European central banks are all PRIVATE, accountable to their shareholders and the BIS (Bank of International Settlements located in Switzerland), the central bank for central bankers is trying to control how banking is being done in all these counties. Canada’s situation is unique in this respect, and this is our chance to keep our public bank.  Listen to Rocco explain to Amanda Lang how we benefited from 1938  to 1974 when the Bank of Canada funded WW2, the St Lawrence Seaway, the Transcanada Highway, many schools and universities and the social safety net we now have. This is what Rocco and the COMER group are standing up for and letting people know how important this legal challenge is.

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