An Interview with Ellen Brown

Money creation : now that’s complex and mysterious , isn’t it ?
Well, NO. It’s so simple that it can baffle minds !  And, does it matter
how money gets created ? You bet it does. Why would a country
 that has its own bank where it can have interest-free loans,
 ever want to borrow from private banks and pay interest ?
That’s the huge and non-smart move that Canada has been doing
for the last  forty years !!!!  Victoria Grant understands money creation
and what we need to be doing…When  she explained this 3 years ago
to the Public Banking conference in Philadelphia (12 years old then)
she got a standing ovation, and her 6 minute speech went viral on
You Tube to over 3 million.
For this radio interview of Jerry Ackerman by Ellen Brown, Victoria chimes in,
while Jerry updates Ellen on the progress of the lawsuit that is aimed at
forcing the Canadian government to USE OUR BANK..

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