Does CANADA POST have a profitable future ? —-as an easily accessed BANK ?

Ever wonder why Canada’s biggest city, with those huge TOWERS of GOLD huddled around
Bay Street,   doesn’t have its OWN Bank ?
Kristen Yong-Tam , a city councilor in Toronto , has stopping wondering.
 She is working  to organize a publicly owned bank there,
Does CANADA POST  have a profitable future ? —-as an easily accessed BANK ?
The 800 page REPORT certainly proved it possible and profitable—just like those
very profitable postal banks in Europe.
So, why was almost all of the report REDACTED ? Could  the new CEO from Pitney Bowes
explain ?
Mike Palacek  from the Union of Postal Workers is wondering about his own future, as well as
that of his fellow “mailmen”.
Let’s have a conversation with the constitutional lawyer that’s handling the COMER lawsuit
to force the government to USE OUR BANK interest-free.
What’s to happen, Rocco ?

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