Today—in Greece

A historic moment for the PEOPLE.
……….not just for the people of Greece  …..
This is the moment that matters  —the moment when a man stands,
                                                                            stands and speaks
This man shouts
                           he shouts from the “Acropolis”
Here is what he is saying to the money-changers in the temple :
OUT !   Get OUT from here !  This is a sacred place
                                                The people here are sacred
                                                 They are GOD’s creation
and, we will not allow you
                                          to continue your destruction
We will retain our holiness — our blood
We will not allow you to keep on removing our flesh.
That which belongs to Caesar will be given to Caesar
Nothing more
………for usury is a sin  — a “deadly” sin, a  transgression against God’s will
This rant is not confined to the Greek ‘temple’.
It is being echoed in Spain.
Hungary has kicked the IMF out of the country.
Ireland has appointed a citizen’s Inquiry.
Iceland has distinguished the illegitimate (odious) portion, has repudiated it
and is jailing some banksters.
Ecuador and Brazil have audited their debts.
They learned who lent what to whom, when, for what purpose..
A citizens’ audit of France’s public debt concluded that 60 % is illegitimate,
 — that the increase was not explained by an increase in public spending.
Eric Toussaint (Global , Jan27th) cites EU Regulation #472/2013 :
“The audit should show clearly that the measures dictated by the creditors
are in fact manifestly regressive in terms of fundamental human rights and
a clear violation of a series of treaties.
Considerable irregularities can be identified.
 Consequently, the commission in charge of the audit will be able to give
 a reasoned opinion as to the illegality, the illegitimacy, and even the nullity
of the debt contracted by Greece with the Troika. “
Godspeed,  Yanis Varoufakis !

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