Federal Reserve = ‘the FED” What is it anyway ?

Is it Federal ?  Well. NO.  Does it have Reserves ? Well. NO.
How important is it that its creation and continuation be understood ?  Well, VERY !
How could that happen ?  (a) Read Ed Griffin’s book “The Creature from Jekyll Island”.
                                     (b) Watch James Corbett’s “Century of Enslavement “
                                           (it’s on  Occupyourbank.ca) and it’s free from copyright.
Then, what to do with that fresh understanding ?
                                     (c) You could study the Canadian central banking experience
                                          to learn how a PUBLICLY owned central bank is DIFFERENT,
                                          and exactly are the consequences.(hint–no enslavement)
                                         Will Abram’s videos are on Occupyourbank.ca
 Then, what  ?

                       (d)You could start a conversation — with friends and family
                        When Victoria Grant (age 12) studied this, reported her findings
                          to her father’s business meeting, and spoke at the Public Banking Conference
                            in Philadelphia, her 6-minute speech went viral on YouTube with 3 million hits.

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